Thursday, 4 September 2008

Freddy 70 Not Out!

Freddy Hoult (pictured left) celebrated in style at The Ship Inn on Thursday 28 August along with his wife Peta, family and friends by holding a Fish and Chip supper to celebrate Freddy's 70th birthday. Not looking a day over 60, Freddy celebrated in style and brought back wonderful memories on how enjoyment can be had in the lovely old historic building of The Ship Inn by an impromptu gathering of Freddy Hoult's Choir (pictured top right) Wonderful songs such as "The Blaydon Races" were sung in perfect harmony and local "Geordie English" that was a delight for casual "lookers on" and would have been worthy of entering the BBC competition "The Last Choir Standing!"

Freddy has had a long association with the island, going back many many years with his first memorable visit in Freddy's words "coming onto the island as a nipper with his Mother and Father in their Model "T" Ford.

His Father already knew the island well, as he often came by sailing into the harbour with The Royal Northumberland Yacht Club. Following in his father's foot steps, Freddy paid a visit with the same yacht club visiting with friends on his Northumberland One Design "Wren Named" yacht. Originally living in Beadnell and later in Newcastle, Freddy has had an island home in the Herring Houses for over 30 years.

During the evening tributes were paid with one particular story from Andrew Hnat the landlord, telling those gathered that aside from The Ship Inn his first meal away from the business was at the Crown & Anchor with his fiancé Janice on their very first night on the island and who should make the first conversation from the adjacent table to Andrew & Janice but none other than Freddy & Peta Hoult, a memorable evening never forgotten!

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