Sunday, 12 October 2008

To Enjoy A Drink You Must Have A Canadian Dry!

Having a Canadian Dry (and not a Canada Dry with your drink) was certainly not the main aim when The Ship had a visit from 7 happy go lucky Canadians spending three days on the island. Having walked the St Cuthbert's Way, most parties staying at The Ship just chill out and leave quitely. Not so our Canadian friends, who brought a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere during their stay. The Ship Inn prides itself on their display of a wide range of malt whiskeys which was certainly an enjoyable challenge for our Canadian party plus copius amounts of Holy Island Blessed Bitter and the much loved Secret Kingdom, brewed by Hadrian & Border Brewery. Landlord, Andrew Hnat said "he would be glad to see them back (no not their back!) and looks forward to an island reunion maybe in 2009 or 2010". Whatever the outcome, Holy Island is waiting and will be prepared for their return without a Canadian Dry!