Friday, 17 August 2007

A New Son For Albert

Adelbert Henzel our barman, affectionately known as "Albert" is seen here celebrating the birth of his first baby son Krisztian born on the 8 August at 1300 hrs BST. Albert is working at The Ship for the season returning to his home in Budapest Hungary in November.
Albert took paternity leave to be with his wife Ruslana and spent 8 days with her. Sadly he had to return to the UK missing the birth by one day! Albert was obviously overjoyed on hearing the news and celebrated in style by opening a bottle of his favourite champagne, Moet et Chandon and is seen here in the picture pouring the celebratory drink.
Janice & Andrew, staff at The Ship and all of the friends Albert has made on Holy Island send their very best wishes to his wife, baby Krisztian and of course Albert .