Saturday, 24 October 2009

and finally..... where were we during the last 6 months?!

First of all to our faithful blog readers a big apology for not updating our blog for near on 6 months. No excuses, I know, but this year has been hard on the personal front with many unforeseen issues (non business) that when so called spare time has been available we have been absorbed in sorting various important bits and pieces.So let's just sum up and put matters right, with hopefully a few interesting stories by looking back to April when Norman the gnome was given a new lease of life up to the present time.

Mid April kicked off with Dick Patterson, our loyal postman hanging up his boots after delivering the island mail for well over 40 years. Dick battled through all weathers, wore out many many pairs of boots and walked hundreds of thousands miles during his days of delivering the island post. His farewell was marked with a retirement buffet at our Heritage Centre with many islanders in attendance. Malcolm Patterson, our local island Postmaster (on the right of the picture) presented Dick with a well deserved cheque from a well deserved village collection.

May: on a beautiful sunny weekend we were taken back to the 1930's with our hotel accommodation taken over by members of the Ford Model Y and Model R club. The cars in pristine condition drew many admiring glances from passers by as they lined up on Marygate. "It's just like turning back the clock 70 years" said one onlooker. You realise that the pace of life back then was not so much in a rush as the owners said they had journeyed from parts of the UK between 200 & 400 miles at a steady 40 mph. The cars all a credit to their owners will be welcome back any time.

Mid May: Another year to be etched on the stick as the birthday comes around again. This year is quite poignant as I reach 5 years since my dreaded operation for kidney cancer. Still here and enjoying life to the full and realising how lucky I have been.

August Bank Holiday: The vikings return for another historic reenactment weekend. As always an enjoyable weekend is spent with the vikings again bringing in the crowds and good weather as per the year previous, spring bank holiday 2008. Battle weary vikings descend on the pub and again break all records by adding to an amazing 2000 pints of beer drunk over a 3 evening visit!


Sadly "Norman the Gnome" meets his fate once again by a senseless visitor who wanders onto the rockery, somehow without any explanation falls on top of him then wanders into the bar with a handful of pieces, only to tell me that "if the gnome is so precious then it shouldn't be out in the garden on public display?!" well, fortunately, Geoff from Cullercoates returns for another break (excuse the pun!) and sets to on his holiday and "Norman the gnome" comes back to life again. As autumn approaches and after a lengthy debate at the next company board meeting it is decided that Norman will spent his time indoors until Spring 2010. We await for Norman's next adventure!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Norman returns from his Winter Break (and no longer in pieces!)

Norman is not the tallest of people, in fact, upon maturity his height remains at only 12 inches in height! The reason being, Norman is a Gnome in The Ship Inn garden. He has intrigued many of our guests by mysteriously appearing in a different location almost daily. Is he real? Well if you believe in Gnomes, maybe he is. One thing's for sure, he's been missed for the past 6 months having spent his Winter break (in more ways than one!) in the garage of regular Holy Island visitor, Jeff Sanderson. During Jeff's last stay on the island last October, Jeff (although he denies this!) was pouring out his thoughts to Norman at the end of an enjoyable evening on the "golden nectar" with Jeff saying his farewells by placing him below the garden rockery. Bad move by Jeff, as during the night a large piece of rockery fell onto Norman, whereupon he was discovered next day in a million bits. Sheepishly, Jeff said "it must have been me, maybe it was the whisky on the rocks!", a likely story.

Don't worry said Jeff "I will fix him" and to Jeff's credit he has! Spending many an hour in his garden shed over Winter, Jeff to be fair, has done a tremendous job and repaired Norman, who now looks as good as new.The only concern from Jeff's wife, Anita is she says, he is constantly singing "Hi Ho, hi Ho, it's off to work we go!" Oh well it takes all sorts, but if you have a Gnome in a bit of a fix then contact The Ship to get Jeff's Gnome Busters business contact details.