Friday, 30 May 2008

Vikings Rape & Pillage Holy Island

In real terms, terrorising the island they do not but to drink the island dry they try hard ! However last bank holiday Friday 23 May, over 200 Vikings descended upon the Holy Island. Coming from all points of the compass, the vikings were here as the guests of English Heritage and put on a marvellous display of the reinactment of the invasion of Lindisfarne to the more gentle pastimes of demonstrating arts & crafts of this historic period in British History.
( Picture shows some of the Vikings and their wenches enjoying a quiet drink or two!)
Other historic records were also attempted when up to 100 vikings at a time in full battle dress descended upon The Ship Inn during their 4 day holiday period and attempted to "drink the house dry". However good stocks were in hand and the cellar managed to keep the lads and the lassies well imbibed but never running totally short.... close, but not short!

Added to this the weather that prevailed over the weekend was superb, so as the holiday weekend moved on a pace, glowing cheeks (on their faces of course!) were best cooled down with copious amounts of ale, wine and spiritswith the occasiona hearty meal! And for the record, the Viking enthusiasts were well behaved and never any trouble. One sour incident did occur, but for the record had no part at all with the viking group on the island. This was swiftly dealt with by Andrew the landlord with the offending individual sent packing with Viking bodyguards in the wings in case additional support was needed!

All in all an enjoyable weekend was had by all, to which the island will probably not see another like it.... until the next time that is. See you again boys and we will be ready to defend our barrels!!

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shagy said...

It was a pleasure to try to drink you dry.

Thanks for being an excellent hosts. See you next time.

For anyone who is interested the photo features from Left to right...
Shagy (that’s me randomly wearing a WW2 coat over my kit)from Manchester Helen form Glasgow, Steve and Chrissie from northumbria. Just above Chrissie is Chinky. Then Gary and Cammie from Rochdale. Gail from Glasgow and Russ from Newcastle.

There are some others who’s names escape me at the moment.